If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

4 Oct

As we approach the end of week 4 in #BOUDIORBODYCHALLENGE I am so inspired by all the amazing participants we have! It is just another reminder to me why I love my job. I am going to speak candidly to all my fellow #BBC warriors because I know I will not ever be met with judgment from this wonderful group of ladies (and a few men!)

Let me start by sharing with you that when the idea for the Body Boudoir Challenge was first talked about with my lovely co-workers and friends my initial reaction in my head was WTF! I don’t want to so this, not right now! I have been more overwhelmed with the tasks in my life than ever before. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful to be busy at a job I love, and I feel blessed to have a loving husband and 2 beautiful boys that I want to care for, but none the less I have been spread thin and I knew things where only going to get more stressful in the coming months with the holidays, wedding season, and school starting.
I will say I am glad I shut down the thoughts in my head and pushed forward with all my lovely Haute Shot ladies because it has actually forced me to take the time to be conscious of taking care of myself as well as the people around me, and I think it is even helping me manage my stress better!

This last week has been a total FAIL for me though… this is a common pattern with me and I don’t think I have ever stuck to any health or fitness changes I’ve tried to implement into my life past the 5week mark. I started this week out with a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese where I happily took part in some pizza Mt. Dew and birthday cake. Things snowballed from there. It has been one of the busier weeks I’ve had since the challenge has started, also John and I have a wedding to attend this weekend and I have been putting off addressing the issue that we had nothing to wear for weeks.

I can feel the results of my bad behavior and I have been so drained of motivation. My version of veggies this week was carrot cake at 12am and cardio while shopping for wedding attire H&M at the Forum Shops haha!



I have a nasty pattern of being really hard on myself when I get off track, it usually results in even more loss of motivation and it will be weeks before I get back on the wagon.

I am happy to report that because of all of YOU I am not keeping that trend. I’m not beating myself up. This is reality. I’m sure I’m not the only person to have ever had a FAIL week. Maybe even some of you have had a backslide or 2 and reading this will help take some of the pressure off.
I am going to enjoy the rest of my week and sip champagne and eat wedding cake this weekend and then I am going to wake up Monday morning feeling refreshed and get back to it! I know I can because I have all of you to inspire me every day:)


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