A Girls Just Gotta Have Some Fun!!

27 Sep

Hi everyone Happy Thursday! September has come and is almost gone, I swear the months seem to go by faster and faster. With summer being gone I am feeling more motivated to get out of the house for my workouts and enjoy this beautiful weather! I love walking with the family on fall days, or rather me walking pulling my 2 kids in their wagon but that’s ok because it means a better work out for me!

With the nicer weather and PSL’s I talked about in last week’s blog, the new season also brings about a very busy schedule for me. Not only is it wedding season which means I will be working hard for my money, but the start of school, and the routine of pick up, drop, off, do your homework, bath, brush, bed, and oh shoot is there clean school clothes? I’m sure all of other working mamas out there can relate to this!

With the adjustment of our even faster pace schedule I have found myself shoving in a 20min. workout here at there in my living room, thanks to Jennifer Kakita at http://www.mamafit.com for giving me some great tips on fitting in exercises on the go like doing walking lunges on your way to the washing machine( which I totally do!) I have been able to keep up but I’m definitely not having very much fun with my workouts.

So along with the family time walks I’m going to be incorporating into my routine, I also want to try some new things that seem fun to me. I saw online that there is an exercise class that you stand on these surf boards that are on some sort of movable platform. Basically you can get the workout of surfing but in a class indoors in the desert, sounds like so much fun right?!

Cool Right?

Cool Right?

Also Wealthy at http://www.downtownballet.com is offering $5 adult beginner ballet classes to all BBC members on Wednesday evenings from 7:15pm-8:15pm and I am desperate to get to one! I’m not at all a dancer, the last time I did ballet I was 6 but I have memories of having so much fun doing dance and it just seems like it would so fun to do. Not to mention I get to pick out cute outfits with cut up sweat shirts and leg warmers!
Umm Yes!!!

Umm Yes!!!

If you can tell by now I only like to exercise when it’s being disguised as fun haha! Formal exercise is a chore for me, I’m just as excited about finding time in my schedule for it as I am to do laundry… so check in with me I want to get these 2 activities on my schedule in the near future, and I will blog about them both. My schedule is jam-packed with weddings in October so it may be into Nov. when I actually get the opportunity to go, but the sooner the better so I can share with you all and frankly I don’t know if I have another month of laundry lunges in me haha!

Oh and I’m currently working on tricking John to go to the surf board class with me! So shhhh don’t tell him. I figure it’s a baby step to getting him to do some jazzercise and I think it will do him some good is workout routine is so boring it’s making me tired just thinking about it!


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