“No Pain, No Gain”

12 Sep

Welcome to the first official week of the Boudoir Body Challenge!!! Today is mine and Johns youngest son Coles 3rd Birthday! We were just saying to each other that we can’t believe it’s already been 3 years but at the same time feel like Cole has been a part of our lives for longer and it’s hard to imagine a time that we only had one child…its weird how that happens.
Anyway this post will be about my husband, Johns fitness journey. When I spoke with my husband in preparation for this post this is how the conversation went. Me- “Hunny what do you want to say about your fitness journey?” John- “huh?” Me- ” you know your fitness journey, for the blog. Didn’t you read mine?” John-“oh yeah I read it. Ummm… I want to work out” Me-” can you be serious please. What is your history with being fit and health conscious? has it been a struggle? has it been something that came naturally for you? what are your goals?” John- “well my goal is to be like the Rock and Marky Mark in Pain and Gain!” Me-annoyed look.. John-” Ok give me a little while to think about it and I will let you know what I want to say.”
Then I saw my husband go to our office grab a sheet of printer paper and a pen and disappear into our bedroom for 20min and resurfaced with this.

He is crazy...

He is crazy…

Hahahhaha! ok So obviously this is not a factual history of my husband! But this will give you all a little insight into my husbands mind and his sense of humor!

This is Johns true fitness story. My name is John Bates I am 32 years old and currently weigh 200.Im a tattooer, I have been tattooing for about 12 years. I currently work at http://www.pussykatvegas.com I have always been naturally athletic. When I was younger I played baseball, basketball, wrestled, boxed and played football. My father received a scholarship to play college football when he was younger, and when I was in high school I found to have inherited is abilities in that area and was added to the varsity football team my freshman year. I started being scouted by colleges by my sophomore year. I didn’t end up following through with that though, and decided instead to quit football and focused on my passion for art.

John is going to kill me for post this picture!

John is going to kill me for post this picture!

I continued to be very active and stayed in shape pretty easily. About the time a settled down with my wife, Rachel I really started to dedicate my time to advancing in my career and that meant a lot of hours sitting. I’ve also had 2 children in the last 5 years and opted to spend my spare time that I wasn’t working with them. I do make it a priority to be active with my children when we are spending time together. I take them on hikes in red rock, bike rides, running around killing pretend zombies, and coached my sons soccer team for 2 seasons. I have managed to not put on too much extra weight over the years by having a lifestyle that’s fairly active and as my wife tells me “good genetics.” My goal for this challenge is to weigh 190 and to depend on my muscle memory to get my physic back to where I’ve always been most comfortable.

I will be implementing an exercise routine of strength training and core exercise 5 days a week. I’m taking creatine, and glutamine. I will also be making sure I’m eating more lean meats, and cutting back on my caffeine and sugar intake.

Stay posted to continue to follow mine and Johns journey through the challenge. I will be posting recipes, what we are doing exercise wise, our struggles, and I’m currently trying to convince my husband to let me film him doing a jazzercise routine!! (that one is just for pure enjoyment! haha!) If you want to join the Body Boudoir challenge it’s not too late you can join here https://www.facebook.com/groups/boudoirbody/ we have discounts for members, fun events planned through out the 12 weeks and prizes!!

Good luck to all my fellow BBCers and look out for my post next Thursday I’m thinking about some recipes…


2 Responses to ““No Pain, No Gain””

  1. Esther Spurgeon September 12, 2013 at 9:07 pm #

    Ha! Hilarious. Oh and John, I’m pretty sure Jake killed a moose also, but with one hand, so…about that.

  2. Aine September 13, 2013 at 5:32 am #

    How do you spear with your bare hands? Doesn’t it at least require a spear?

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